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Produced by Pam Wedgeworth of Wedgeworth Business Communications, Jim Parks edited this piece set to music highlighting scenes from some of the Illinois Tollway Authority’s largest and most recent projects.

Illinois Tollway Expansion from Jim Parks on Vimeo.

This promotional web video highlights the features and benefits of the LifeBalance Station, a low-impact, elliptical exercise machine that can be used at work or at home to burn calories and help users get and stay in shape. It was shot and edited by Jim Parks.

Life Balance Station from Jim Parks on Vimeo.

Jim Parks edited this kickoff video for Accenture’s 2011 Strategy College. The client wanted just the right mix of stock photos, Accenture people shots, music and text callouts to emphasize their themes for the Strategy College event.

Produced by Ganté, Ltd., this video profiles one of the programs of Chicago’s Access Community Health Network aimed at educating high-risk African-American women about HIV, AIDS and safe sex practices.

SISTA II from Jim Parks on Vimeo.

This video exemplifies an approach used recently by Accenture’s sales force to solicit new business. It employs a method of sped-up, hand-placed art and handwritten and drawn graphics they call telestration.

Accenture Procurement Telestration from Jim Parks on Vimeo.

Wedgeworth Business Communications produced this short video to promote an upcoming symposium and awards event.

ITSMF & HITEC Symposium Promo from Jim Parks on Vimeo.

Lombard Spectator Article1

Beginning October 18 through December 2009, ABC Television affiliate stations will have available to them a documentary I edited, Ready to Forgive: An African Story of Grace hosted by (Rwandan genocide survivor) Immaculee Ilibagiza. This captivating story about forgiveness was shot entirely on location in Uganda, Africa and recently updated for the ABC broadcast. Air dates and times for your local area can be found at www.interfaithbroadcasting.com.

Two documentaries that I edited will be broadcast on the Hallmark Channel in April 2009.  “Uganda: Ready to Forgive” is scheduled for air on Odyssey Networks Presents Sunday the 5th and “Introducing Jesus of Nazareth” is scheduled for Easter Sunday the 12th.  Both programs will air on Hallmark Channel at 7 a.m. (ET/PT).

They will also be available on the Odyssey Networks web site at www.odysseynetworks.org

The ABC documentary, “Native Nations: Standing Together for Civil Rights” received a 2009 DeRose-Hinkhouse Award of Excellence this week in the Broadcast/Cable TV National Program category.  The DeRose-Hinkhouse Memorial Awards are presented annually to members of the RCC who demonstrate excellence in religion communications and public relations. “Native Nations: Standing Together for Civil Rights” is a one-hour documentary exploring the role of the Lutheran Church in the American Indian civil rights movement of the 1970s and 1980s. The program began airing Oct. 12 on ABC television network affiliate stations. Local stations may broadcast the program at various times and dates through December 2008. Peter Coyote hosts “Native Nations,” which was in development for 18 months on locations including Albuquerque, Minneapolis and the Navajo Nation.

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