Editor At Large


Jim is a musician and it allows him to find the internal rhythm of a program. The final cut is not only precise, but it flows like a good piece of music and takes the program to a higher level. A good editor brings obvious skills and experience, but also a curiosity to find the heart of the piece we’re cutting. Jim is that editor.

Garry Grasinski
Owner, Grayson Media, Inc.

Jim is a huge asset to my freelance pool. He is extremely flexible, dependable, and a joy to work with. I trust him to work on any level of project I throw at him with ease. His work is always top notch!

Dave Fountain
Director of Audio Visual
Sears Holdings Corp.

Jim Parks takes the time to understand the message that needs to be delivered and adds value by working with me to creatively bring our footage and graphics to life. I can always depend on him to deliver practical visual solutions that have the desired impact for our Accenture audience. Jim has made me more productive by adding significant contributions to Accenture Learning video projects. When I have a video edit to produce, I call Jim Parks.

Michael F. Yndestad
Accenture Learning

There are editors and then there are artists. Jim Parks’s projects look great, are done on time and under budget. Jim’s combination of organizational skill, creative flair, and personal integrity make him my first choice when it comes to video editing.

Tim Frakes
Owner, Tim Frakes Productions

I have worked with Jim Parks for many years on a variety of documentary projects for national network and cable broadcasts. He is an extremely talented editor whose pacing and creativity allow a program to seamlessly come to life.

Ava Odom Martin
Director for Public Media
Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

Jim Parks not only is adept at advanced aspects of editing, but also has the appropriate professional demeanor that is suited for all clients. The experience that Jim has acquired over many years allows the team in the edit suite to explore ways to make a good product even better. I know he’ll help me come up with a top level product.

Mike Morgan
Owner, Ripe Melon Productions